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Environmental Policy


Our environment is dependent on business taking the lead to preserve natural resources for a healthy future.

We believe very strongly in the conservation of our environment, its resources and the recycling of as much product as possible.

We BELIEVE in living the practice of "reduce", "reuse", "recover" and "recycle". These four practices are at the centre of our commitment to a better environment.

As a responsible member of the business community, Blowcon recognizes its responsibility to our environment.

We realize that it is necessary to preserve natural resources in order to have a healthy future for subsequent generations.

  • Our goal is to source products that have a reduced environmental impact because of what they are made of and how they are transported, stored, packaged and disposed.
  • We will source green friendly products that have as characteristics such as:
    • Be less polluting & minimize waste.
    • Conserve energy and water & are made from recyclable materials
  • We will discuss with our customers opportunities to reduce the material weight in their products, any design improvements which may assist better loading characteristics, as well as any efforts which may reduce adverse environmental impacts.
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